Reduce operating costs with simple to use software.

Automate and grow your business.

Our Solutions:

Nexus GPS Tracking

Check the status of every single car in your fleet in real time: GPS monitoring, fuel consumption, speed monitoring, personal driving, alerts and driver identification.

Nexus Driver

Stay in touch with your field agents all the time. Check your drivers’ location from your phone. Send them tasks or route updates and receive their reports instantly.

Zimplu CRM

Build strong business relationships with each and every client by having all of your team’s activity in one place – never miss another request, discussion or lead.


Get the best management system for your logistics process. Automate the activity in your warehouse and keep everything under control – inventory, orders and distribution.

What you get from using our apps:

Lower operating costs

Less time spent with small activities

Increased productivity and visible results from the beginning

Take no risks:

More than 16 years of experience on the IT Market

More than 1500 satisfied customers

Full customer support throughout and after implementation

Companies we’ve helped upgrade their workflow: